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Sep Sun-Fri 7-12
Omega Institute: A Women's Leadership Intensive, Rhinebeck NY

Omega Institute: A Women's Leadership Intensive, Rhinebeck NY

6:00 pm - 12:00 pm | Omega Institute For Holistic Studies

Join Leslie Salmon Jones along with co-teachers Sharon Salzberg, Mallika Dutt, Carla Goldstein and Michele Bertran. In an intimate setting, we examine four women’s leadership essentials—values, voice, vision, and voyage.

Whether guiding a family, working in an organization, running a business, or holding public office, leadership involves deciding what matters most. Today, the old “command and control” leadership model is giving way to “connect and collaborate,” and women are playing a central role in this important shift.

This workshop is for women who want to use their leadership to create a caring, just, and sustainable future for everybody. Through reflection, dialogue, writing, yoga, meditation, and exploring nature, we delve into our leadership stories, learn from each other, and create a shared understanding of what is needed to bring greater consciousness into the world.

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