Raw foods: pure energy is delicious!

Try this delicious, nutrient packed smoothie in the morning or during the day to give your taste buds a lift and your energy levels a BOOST! Chocolate Banana Coconut smoothie -Nutmilk (I use almond or hemp milk) -1 unfrozen banana -frozen fruit (mango or raspberries are delish) -2 tbs raw Cacoa nibs (or just plain, organic cocoa powder will do) -2 tbs of melted organic, virgin coconut oil (or more…this stuff is so good for you, feel free to throw a little extra [...]

Explore Eating Raw Foods for Increased Health

This fall I took a wonderful excursion to Sedona, AZ, where I had the privilege to teach yoga and dance at the Raw Spirit Festival.  Some of you are aware that I have incorporated a diet consisting of raw foods for many years now.  For those of you who are not familiar with Raw Foods, it’s a vegetarian plant-based diet consisting of uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouted grains – that’s right no meat!!! Although the idea of eating [...]